Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Moon Spoiler

UPDATE: yep the clip has now been removed. hopefully you got to see it while it was up :) if not...3 more weeks til New Moon comes out!!

I probably really shouldn't post this...
although seeing as it's not official and pretty much an illegal bootleg there's a good chance it'll probably be taken off youtube soon anyway

Anyway...do not watch if you don't want it to spoil the movie! I kinda regret watching this now...you know curiosity killed the cat and all. Not saying that it's a bad scene! Just that I promised myself that I wouldn't watch any more spoilers before I saw the official movie. Bad self control!!
it's the whole break up scene from New Moon. The quality is not great, think camera recording at the cinema.


Yep pretty much how it happens in the book.
I imagined how Bella would say "you don't want me" slightly differently though. I always thought it would be on the brink of tears and like "you...don't...want...me...?" heh but that's just me and minor detailing


  1. Check out the New Moon spoilers, it will also be updated with the very FIRST online stream of New Moon!


  2. ACtually that movie worked for me!