Friday, October 23, 2009

Bronson Interview with 3News

Oh the press circuit aye. He must be having a blast repeating the same info to various media firms haha. Poor you know how Rob and Kristen feel!

now the latest...2 clips from the NZ's 3News site, 1 cut and 1 uncut. Must say they are crappy quality, even by NZ'd think they could give us moderately HQ without us having to "buy the clip" (like WTF?). It is dirctly from their website after all! And not to mention you can't even embed! Bad rep TV3!

anyways enough of that.
link to first cut version: [link]

so funny..
"I’ve met screaming fans, I’ve met crying fans, I’ve met fans that can’t even talk"

uncut: [link]

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