Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Twilight and/or/vs Vampire Knight

Was just thinking when I came across this - those of you who read manga or watch anime should've heard of Vampire Knight...right? I started reading it earlier this year and it's pretty good, I don't like it as much as Twilight though IMO - You know whatever floats your boat and all. I didn't realise the whole Twilight vs Vampire Knight discussion was in full flight. Seems like if you don't like Twilight, you just don't like it haha.

Edward sparkles, so what?! I dunno, some people focus on the little things. Like Bella being a bit needy. Lets just say that needy is meant to be romantic. LOL.

So back to Vampire Knight...if you don't know, it's a story about a human, Yuuki, who is in love with her saviour vampire, Kaname (your typical vampire that does not sparkle). Well that's how it starts out's still incomplete (FYI mangas are serialised). It's set at Cross Academy where day class means class for humans and night class is for vampires.
For Twilight, I'm just a fan of the love story, characters and the friendships. I've never been big on the whole vampire thing. Same goes for Vampire Knight. I just think Kaname and Zero are smexy. LOL. Something about the manga drawings is so lustful (*giggles by herself in front of laptop*)

wanna check it out? I like the manga so much better than the anime...the anime, like the Twilight movie, tries too hard to be comedic I think. You can google "Vampire Knight and Twilight" and you'll find a bit on that discussion.

You can read the manga: Onemanga
Watch the anime: Vampire Knight Episode
And why not head on over to MyAnime and have/start a discussion? - yes I am pimping this forum, what can I say...I just love small communities, I just hate those massive forums where everythings is just so impersonal, I just feel more comfortable when there's fewer XP

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