Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Moon Movie Tie-in Cover

I'm baaaack! WOOOO!
So it's been a while huh? glad to get those damned exams out of the way (finally!) gosh Chaucer was seriously starting to get on my nerves. Seriously, how can anyone understand what Chaucer is saying?!

Also on a side note, I just wanted to point out my new affiliate (*look to the right of the page*) MyAnime! My new found obsess- ehem I mean interest. It in no way replces my twi-obsession though! XP If you have some time, why not check their forum out? nothing like a bit of escapism with some Naruto or Bleach.

Hmmmm....just tryna think if there's any other admin stuff I needed to get through...probably not. stupid bad memory!

alright back to the point!

EW has released an exclusive look at the New Moon Movie tie-in book cover. And wow. It is smoking! (not in the literal the-cast-likes-to-smoke-sense)
I really like it. I like it far better than the movie poster for it. And I like it way better than the Twilight film-tie in! Everyone get how much I like it now? cool :)

I'm Team Edward (all the way) but that doesn't stop me drooling at how damn hot Jake looks!
Bella's tank top stumped me at first - makes the scene look so *intimate* and isn't it like um freezing in Forks? BUT then again Jake is hot like a furnice - or was it heater?
Edward is so spooky in the background with the moon that is obviously not a new moon.
And then there's the Wolf Pack in the background on the rocks - I seriously thought Gollum from LOTR when I hadn't looked closely at first.
But Nah I really like this cover. I wonder how many diff posters/covers/calendar etc versions they'll have this time since they have a bigger budget.
Ohh and you know I wonder if they'll have those massive cut outs and displays at the cinemas like they always have for Harry Potter!

anyway, ciao til next time XD

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